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The writing specialist introduces patients to the writing program with the use of a kit. The kit contains all of the materials that a child will need to draft a complete work of fiction or nonfiction, and the materials are ultimately a gift for each child to keep. The kits vary based upon developmental level, but each kit makes use of high-quality materials that support creativity and ignite curiosity. All writing, drafting and art materials have been carefully selected for their potential to enhance learning and discovery—and all kits have been extensively kid-tested. From our art markers to our decks of storytelling cards, our kits only contain the materials that have been tested and approved by young authors-at-work. 

After being given a kit, the specialist and the child will have a conversation about the writing program, and project possibilities. Many children enjoy looking at examples of books previously created through the writing program, all of which are available in our publishing platform's virtual library. The specialist and the child will then look through the writing kit together, and begin the brainstorming process. 

While some children elect to work independently, most choose to work with the specialist—who can serve as a scribe, an editor, or even a gatherer of delicious snacks. We always make sure to build in break times. (Snack breaks, and even the occasional dancing break, are an important part of the creative process.) The writing experience is typically tailored to the individual child, as well as the type of project that the child wishes to initiate. Not every child may want to publish a book, or have the energy to work on a long story. Some children may be more interested in being read to, or in playing a story-telling game.