Author of the Month

The Author of the Month Club was established to celebrate and highlight the work of individual children. We nominate authors who have published particularly outstanding pieces of fiction or nonfiction.

Once nominated to become an author of the month, the young author creates a strength-based and person-first biography to be displayed around the hospital. The biography typically highlights facts, accomplishments, likes or dislikes that the author would be proud to share with the general public. Biographies often include writing advice, literary inspiration, and general tips for other young authors-at-work. The Author of the Month biography may also be used on the dust jacket of a child's published works. 


                                Past and Current Authors of the Month

                                            Tariq- February, 2014                                            Tariq is Floating Hospital’s first-ever Author of the Month!  Tariq has written three long-form stories with the WRITERS program. Most recently, he wrote and published a chapter book called Agent Unlock. Agent Unlock is the story of a young man who has powerful reading glasses—the glasses are so powerful that he can use them to unlock any encrypted object in the free world. Agent Unlock begins the story as an average 15 year old, but eventually comes to realize that he and his glasses are truly special. Agent Unlock decides that he must use his powers for good, to protect the President and his girlfriend. When Tariq isn’t writing, he enjoys dancing, video games, and imagination-based adventure games. His favorite TV show is Danny Phantom, his favorite color is red, and he's fond of Chinese food. Tariq is close to his family; he loves them very much. Tariq, much like Agent Unlock, recently started wearing reading glasses. 


                                    Lattia- March, 2014

In like a lion, out like a WRITER! Meet Lattia, our current Author of the Month. WRITERS stands for "Write, Read, Illustrate, Talk, Expand, Revise and Share", and Lattia puts the "I" in illustrate. She's been hard at work creating a gorgeous collection of original drawings. Lattia is in the second grade. She loves to jump rope, and her favorite color is red. Lattia also enjoys painting, coloring and working with clay. When she's not visiting Floating Hospital, you might find her off riding the roller coasters at Canobie Lake Park, or eating a dish of chocolate ice cream. Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss, and she especially loves the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas.                                                                                                                                              


                                                    Maggie- April, 2014

Maggie- April, 2014

Move over Steven King, Maine has a new master of horror! Maggie is Floating Hospital's current Author of the Month, and she's an expert at crafting spooky stories. She’s currently writing and illustrating a book called Dracula’s Castle. Dracula’s Castle is the story of a friendly vampire, Dracula, who sometimes just likes to bite through broccoli. His wife, The Witch, runs a small school within the castle. She teaches aspiring Witch-Children how to cast spells and concoct potions.

Maggie loves to write scary stories, and to tell ghost stories. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she delights in anything spooky. Maggie is from Maine, and really enjoys watching ice hockey with her family. In fact, Maggie is currently learning how to skate and how to play ice hockey. Her favorite foods include macaroni and cheese and pink lemonade, and she enjoys visiting Disney World. Her favorite author is Robert Munsch—she especially loves the book Thomas' Snowsuit. She also reads books from the Goosebumps series, by R.L. Stein. Maggie’s dislikes include rain, shots and bugs. 



                                 Cole- August, 2014

                             Cole- July, 2014                      


Say hello to Cole, Floating Hospital's current Author of the Month! Cole is working on a picture book based on Minecraft characters. His story is called Stampy Longnose. Stampy is a character who, according to Cole, likes to turn everything topsy-turvy. Without revealing any plot spoilers, the story takes a quick and unexpected turn...right into a swimming pool filled with jellybeans.  Cole wants all of his readers to know that he recently turned five. Along with being an author, Cole is a talented singer. His favorite song to sing for others is Red, White and Blue. Cole likes riding his brand new orange bicycle, and playing Ben 10 with his brother. Some of Cole's other favorite things include Batman, the color red, trips to Dave & Buster's, and eating meatballs with his mother's homemade sauce. 




                             Dalton- September, 2015

Meet Dalton, Floating Hospital’s Author of the Month! Dalton just turned four. He also recently wrote and published a twenty page picture book titled The Bumblebee Story, which was inspired by his love of the Transformers. The Bumblebee Story whimsically describes how the Transformer friends Optimus, Bumblebee and Drift might spend a day together. Some of Dalton’s loves include the color red, the Zakim Memorial Bridge, eating peanut butter & waffles, visiting the beach (and family) in Florida, and receiving mail. Dalton enjoys waiting for the mailman to honk at him. (Dalton thinks Sundays are sad because they’re a “no mail” day.) Dalton also loves the Statue of Liberty and spending quality time with his family. Dalton’s dislikes include peas, loud noises, bugs, and getting “pokes”. His favorite author is Tom Lichtenheld—and some of his favorite books include Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe. Dalton wants all of his readers to know that he has great dance moves—he can do a funky dance! He loves Boston, and is self-professed “CEO of the Dude Club”. Dalton also wants all of his readers to know that he works hard to be okay whenever he feels scared.


                                Victoria- October, 2015

Meet October's Author of the Month, Victoria! Victoria is nine years old. She has been working on an original book, The Haunted, since the beginning of the fall—Victoria writes a new portion of her story every time that she visits Floating Hospital. She describes The Haunted as a thriller with elements of a mystery. In her story, a family that moves into a new home. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that something or someone already lives there...but the new family doesn’t know. The ghost begins to get stronger from feeding off of the family’s fears and from scaring them. 


Victoria likes being creative and using her imagination. She  hopes that people who read The Haunted may become interested in paranormal activities. Victoria likes to read and to play basketball and sports--and she enjoys being outdoors. Some of her favorite authors include Jeff Koons and Barbara Park. She likes reading the books You're Finally Here and the Junie B. Jones series. Victoria says that to be a writer, you need to talk about your feelings. She believes it's important to think about what genre you want to write in, and why you're choosing that particular genre. Victoria also says it's very important to think about which characters you want to focus on, and what character details you want to emphasize.


                                                Zoe- April, 2016

Zoe is Floating Hospital’s Author of the Month! Zoe recently created and published an original collection of photographs and favorite memories of her twin sister—the book is entitled My Sister Avery. In addition to creating a photo collection, Zoe used the book as an opportunity to talk about some of the things she most appreciates about her sister.

 Zoe is passionate about helping others, and she particularly enjoys working with young children. When she’s not at Floating Hospital, Zoe can be found spending time with her friends, playing with her dogs, singing, dancing, creating art work, or volunteering at the North Attleboro Zoo. Zoe loves her family, Nurse Cathy MacPherson, dolphins, eating candy, and going on the rides at Disney World and Universal Studios. Zoe’s dislikes include tomatoes, homework and William Shakespeare. Her favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney.

                                          Brodie- June, 2016

Meet Floating Hospital’s Author of the Month, Brodie! Brodie is eight years old and recently published a book about his favorite hockey team, the Bruins. Brodie has been watching the Bruins play since he was in preschool, and he has attended many open practices at the Ristuccia Memorial Arena. When Brodie began receiving care at Floating Hospital for Children, he ended up in a room decorated with Bruins apparel and hockey sticks—which he thought was a neat coincidence.

Brodie has many talents, like being able to place both of his feet completely behind his head. He is also one of our program’s first-ever author-illustrators; he created several detailed pictures to accompany his writing, and is a talented artist. When Brodie isn’t writing or sketching, you might find him playing video games. Brodie loves video games, especially PlayStation 4 games, and his favorite place in the world is a Gamestop store. He also likes  Star Wars, reading the Magic Tree House series, watching hockey with his siblings and parents, and eating his mom’s homemade chicken chili. Brodie also loves to spend time with his friends. He likes playing Wii and Xbox with his friends—as well as hide and seek, tag, and a game he and his friends invented called “the game with no name”. 

                                       Shahil- July, 2016

Shahil is our Author of the Month! Shahil recently wrote and published an autobiographical account of his experiences at Floating Hospital for Children. Shahil enjoys returning to the hospital. When he comes to Floating Hospital, he will often play with younger children—or visit with his favorite nurse, Liz. Shahil enjoys working with children and volunteering in local elementary schools. He is dedicated to helping others.

When not at Floating Hospital, Shahil can often be found spending time with his family or his two best friends, or creating artwork. He also likes to compete in track and field. Shahil runs the 100 and 200-meter dashes, and he throws javelin, discus and shot put. His favorite foods are Dabeli, Mango Lassi, and Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Shahil dislikes English class and bullies, but he enjoys studying science. He especially wants to study medicine, because he plans to eventually become a nurse at Tufts Medical Center.

Shahil’s all-time favorite book is 11 Seconds, by Travis Roy. His advice for future authors is to make every story as unique as possible. He also thinks it’s important to be honest when you’re writing. “To tell a great story, I feel like you should always tell the truth,” he says. “Be yourself."

                           Jefferson- August, 2016

Jefferson is our Author of the Month! His book The Friend Seeker is about a pair of young detectives, Jeff and Claire. The FBI asks them to collaborate on a series of complex cases—Jeff and Claire must work to gradually earn one another’s trust and mutual respect as they hunt for criminals. As Jeff and Claire confront local mob bosses, vigilantes, and sleepwalking serial killers, Claire reveals a secret gift. Meanwhile, Jeff wrestles with his conflicting impulses. He sees the value in cooperating with Claire, and that they can accomplish great things when they team up. Still, Jeff has an independent streak that’s hard to deny.  During their suspenseful final case together, the stakes become especially high for this detective duo.

When Jefferson isn’t writing, he enjoys spending time with his friends. He particularly likes swimming, going to the movies, meeting new people, and trying new foods. One of his favorite foods is pizza; he’s partial to pepperoni, or chicken and broccoli. In his spare time, Jefferson likes to draw. He especially enjoys sketching realistic, everyday scenes and objects. Jefferson also likes going to the beach and visiting places like Cape Cod or Miami. When he goes to the shore, he spends time in the ocean, and he likes to make the most of eating all the good, local seafood—like fresh lobster. Jefferson is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, and he’d like to try skydiving someday—he also wants to scuba dive and go parasailing.

Some of Jefferson’s favorite authors include J.K. Rowling and David Baldacci. He also enjoys reading graphic novels and comics, such as the Watchmen series. He’s interested in acting and the theatre. He would also like to see a play or a musical on Broadway someday. His advice for other young authors is to think outside of the box, and to be as creative as possible. “Let your imagination run loose,” he says. “If you get writer’s block, just pause and re-evaluate your thinking. Be patient, because there’s no such thing as a bad idea.”

                               Amaia- October, 2016

Amaia M.jpg

Amaia is our Author of the Month! Amaia is creating her first draft of The Book of Love, and hopes to publish it in the coming weeks. Amaia’s book includes sketches and fond recollections of her family and her closest friends. Amaia says “The book is about how to love one another and always be there for one another—even in those moments when you think you have nobody by your side”. 

Amaia recently turned 11. She loves feeding the ducks, playing hide and go seek with her brother and sister, and playing with her 5 month old puppy, Royal. Her favorite book is The BFG, by Roald Dahl. She enjoys The BFG because it has a life lesson to it: you can’t judge somebody based on how they look.

Amaia’s favorite food is noodles; she especially loves chicken lo mein, ramen noodles and Thai food. She also enjoys trips down south, swimming, visiting Disney world, going to Hibachi restaurants, and being a camper at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. In addition to being a talented author and artist, Amaia is interested in science. She especially likes experiments, like creating eruptions with baking soda and vinegar. Amaia’s advice to other young writers is to be original. “Just be yourself,” she says. “You shouldn’t care about anybody else’s opinion of you and your work. You’re unique, and you’re beautiful. And you’re going to succeed, whether you believe it or not. You’re really, really smart—and you’re loved.”  


                                                                                       Sam- November, 2016                                                                                                


Sam is our current Author of the Month! Sam recently wrote and published How to Deal with Sickle Cell Disease. How to Deal is a collection of his top 20 tips and coping strategies for other young patients who share his diagnosis. 

Sam is 12 years old. He likes football and dancing, and his favorite colors are purple and red. His all-time favorite book is The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney. Sam likes Jeff Kinney’s stories because the stories are always full of humor and action. Sam loves eating marshmallows and visiting places like Hawaii. He also really likes using hot tubs and pools. When he gets too hot from sitting in a hot tub, he can go and cool off in a pool; when he’s too cold in the pool, he can go and warm back up in the hot tub. Sam is great at math, science and the piano; he enjoys composing his own songs. 

This is Sam’s first published book. He says that he wrote How to Deal because he wants other children with Sickle Cell Disease to feel brave.  Sam also says that if you want to write a book or become a writer, you need to look deep down inside of yourself.

                                                                                        Marleny- March, 2017

Marleny, 8, is our March Author of the Month. She likes swimming, ballet, gymnastics, and ordering bacon cheese fries with clam chowder from Kelly’s. She also adores baby dolls and playing family with them. She wants you to know that she has two daughters—one is an infant ("Baby Vannessa", pictured here) and one is a toddler. Her favorite books are from the Critter Club series. She likes learning how to take care of pets, and she has a pet crayfish at school named Bob-a-lina.

Marleny recently wrote and published a book called The Princess-Knight. The Princess-Knight is for ages three and up. The story is about a princess named Destiny who’s secretly a knight. Destiny is trying to stop her neighbor, Mr. Butternut, from stealing. Mr. Butternut works in a bakery by day. But by night, he’s a criminal who steals all the butternut cupcakes and muffins from the shop. Destiny’s job is to stop him. Destiny is clever, fast, and as strong as ten men. Marleny says that if you want to write a book, you should be silly—and you should be creative. Think about the things that surround you. Think about the books that you read and the pictures that you see. Take inspiration from some of the writing and art that you like, but don’t be a copycat! Make the piece your own. 


                                                                                                  Sarah, June 2017


Sarah is our June Author of the Month! Sarah recently wrote, illustrated and published an original re-telling of a classic fairy tale. Her book is titled Cinderella and the Prince. Sarah is already hard at work on a follow-up book, a scary story titled The Haunted House. Sarah is six years old, and is just about to finish kindergarten. She loves going to the library to select new books. She also enjoys writing, drawing and dancing. This Christmas, Sarah will dance in the ballet The Nutcracker. Sarah loves The Nutcracker so much that she wishes it could be performed all year long. 


                                                                                          Carlos- August, 2017


Carlos is our August Author of the Month! Carlos is 9 years old and has begun working on an illustrated journal about his time in the hospital. He recently created an entry about mixing up a batch of "Oobleck" with the Hole in the Wall Outreach Program, and playing games with his friend, Jimmy.

Carlos enjoys playing video games and board games, and he loves to be in school. He especially likes reading, math and English. He and his best friends enjoy math so much that they practice counting outside of the classroom; they like to play counting and number games during their outdoor recess. Carlos says that he would like to be a nurse when he grows up, because he admires the way that all of his nurses work to help people. He loves to read and he highly recommends the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey.




                                                          Vinny and Gui- September, 2017

Vinny and Gui are Floating Hospital's first-ever twin Authors of the Month! The boys recently published two original works of fiction, "Batman 1966" and "Daredevil Saves the Day." Vinny and Gui enjoy creating crafts together, including building puppets and sketching pictures. The original Batman TV series is especially important to Vinny - in writing his book, he wanted to “give a big shoutout to Adam West.” Vinny and Gui love to read because books share so much information. “When you read this book of mine, you’ll learn so many things from it…like how many moons Venus has," said Gui.